3D printing
for healthcare is the new standard

3D printing for individual healthcare solutions

pplications of healthcare purposes have become more divers than ever. To provide proper care you need to be set up with the best of the best. No matter the challenge: Whether you want to explain a difficult condition vividly to patient and family, or build a custom prosthetic tailored specifically to your patient’s needs - modern 3D printing possibilities got you covered.





Providing the right care, one patient at a time

The quality of care you can provide to your patients can only be limited by the tools to get the job done. And because we know that patient well-being always comes first, we have the best solutions that help you to provide proper, comfortable care under any circumstance. 3D printing is the allrounder solution for modern patient care. The powerhouse of additive manufacturing offers tremendous advantages for the healthcare industry. From educational models to industry leading treatments - the possibilities are limitless.

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HP 3D printers for healthcare

If you are looking for the golden standard in healthcare 3D printing you will always stumble across HP. The possibility of full colour 3D printing and complex structure end-use prints allowed medical 3D printing to reach new heights. Based on the shared values of customer satisfaction and a creation with the patient in mind it is safe to say that the future of healthcare additive manufacturing lays in the arms of HP’s 3D printers.


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