Together we develop a three-dimensional solution

How to integrate a 3D Printing process in your business?

Test, try, adjust and try again. Just getting the equipment at home is not enough to make your project a success. Additive manufacturing often means that you have to redefine your business model and your production equipment. It is not only a different way of thinking, but also of acting. By exchanging knowledge with the most experienced engineers, you arrive at a working plan. Discover how Citoforma can help your business with your own advanced 3D printing solutions.



3D printing for Manufacturing 

What do you want to improve or accelerate? The speed of innovation in general or do you want to be able to realize very specific fast prototyping directly from your 3D drawing package? Do you want to take the entire product development to a higher level or do you want to be able to produce very customer-specific in small runs? This is all possible with additive manufacturing. It's at your fingertips and it's affordable!



The 3D printing production line for dental technicians

Do you want to be able to develop dental products faster in a user-friendly and high-quality 3D production line? Because you don't want to compromise on quality. We help you choose the right equipment, while the quality also improves. We offer these carefully selected 3D printing solutions for an affordable price.



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The toughest specs and the highest demands for 3D manufacturing in the industry

Just drive in a printer, plug it in and you're done… forget that. Thorough engineering and customization for your industry is key for successfully implementing an additive manufacturing production line. Close cooperation with HP, Kodak and Henkel enables Citoforma to develop solutions that meet the toughest demands of your industry. We are happy to explore the limits of what is feasible together with you. Contact our consultants and engineers.



Every patient wants a healthy musculoskeletal system.

A prosthesis, new hip, temporomandibular joint, skull roof or artificial bone… we are talking about the ultimate customization for the human body. That is not something you order through; it is highly qualified craftsmanship from specialists. With increasingly precise equipment and high-quality resins, you can now work faster and more accurately in the medical world than ever before. Citoforma is happy to show you the possibilities and help you with surgical precision. Contact our consultants and engineers.



Education is the source of all innovation

By letting students get to work with the brilliant 3D technology, you bring innovation to a higher gear. Stimulate and challenge your students by applying theoretical knowledge and discovering things they would not have made up beforehand. A eureka moment by chance and experiment. Let them taste, try and perform with 3d technology. You deliver students with innovative strength that create value in business and the local economy. What software & hardware do you let these students study and work with? Citoforma is happy to help and advise you to make the best choices. Contact our consultants and engineers.


Advanced 3D Printing Solutions

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