“It never started with a business plan, it arose from my fascination with the application possibilities of 3D technology”

Rolf Meijer CTO Citoforma

'In 2010 I started experimenting with 3D printing technology'

'In 2010 I started experimenting with 3D printing technology' I soon discovered the advantages of these machines. Only an important consumable, FEP film, was not available in Europe. I decided to buy a batch. I cut the FEP to size and handed it out to acquaintances. Soon I was asked if I also wanted to sell the FEP film. Om aan deze groeiende vraag uit de markt te voldoen bouwde ik kleine shop als 'for fun' project naast mijn reguliere R&D activiteiten.

It is now serious business

After the FEP film, parts, materials and printers followed. Manufacturers knew where to find me and soon the shop took on such a large size that I was faced with the choice, it could no longer be combined with my company. For example, a side project that got out of hand grew into a serious business in 3 years.

Citoforma Group now consists of three different specialized companies:


FEPshop, webshop for 3D printers and consumables


DistriForma, distribution of 3D printers & consumables


CitoForma, B2B additive manufacturing solutions

“International organisations like
NASA and Disney now know where to find us.”

We are specialized in 3D printers that produce objects in more detail and more accurately than conventional 3D methods

It is no coincidence that jewelers, dentists and numerous European research institutes have been our customers from the very beginning. Major international organizations such as NASA and Disney have also placed orders with us. The smallest details and absolute precision make the difference for them.

Unique parts in stock

Due to Citoforma's good contacts in Asia, we are regularly the only company in Europe that has certain parts for 3D printing. Sometimes we even have parts in our range that are not even available in China. As a niche player, this gives us a strong market position.

Citoforma grew by more than 350% in 2020

The developments in the world of 3D printing are moving at lightning speed. We see the demand for our services and products increasing rapidly. There is a huge appetite for knowledge and expertise in the field of Additive Manufacturing and we can deliver. We look to the future with great confidence. Growing fast is not a goal in itself, but it is a very pleasant consequence of our way of doing business. Customers appreciate our expertease, our ability to think along and our attitude to service.

Exclusive partnerships with leading companies in 3D tech

Citoforma now has exclusive contracts with renowned 3D printer brands, aimed at industrial applications. The choice to focus primarily on SMEs within our range has turned out to be a good one.

"It is becoming increasingly clear to me how additive manufacturing is going to change the world and what role we play in it"

Rolf Meijer CTO Citoforma

We create more clout for local producers

Products in the high-end market are by no means always available to the SME sector. While SMEs in particular can significantly increase their innovative strength with 3D printers. We want to give these 'local players' the tools with which they can compete with major players worldwide. Are you responsible for researching or developing a 3D production printing line within your company? Or are you involved in an educational institution interested in additive manufacturing? Then sign up for one of our online knowledge sessions. We'll meet again for sure.

Rolf Meijer Founder & CTO Citoforma

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